Cellular Senescence and Adrenal Health

Reading Time: 2 minutes Guest blog by Designs for Sport Cellular senescence refers to a process in which certain cells, after becoming stressed or damaged, undergo a series of harmful changes. Cells may become senescent as a result of many variabilities, including misfolded proteins, DNA damage, replicative stress, and failed protein removal. Key features of senescent cells (SCs) are …

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Invest in yourself

Invest in Yourself

Reading Time: 3 minutes As strength coaches or personal trainers, we are normally givers, and in many cases, it becomes challenging to receive. As in any aspect of life, there must be a balance, and a good way to do it is to invest in yourself.   By investing in yourself I’m not talking about buying something you want …

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Get Your Sleep Right – The Effects of Lack of Sleep

Reading Time: 2 minutes Sleep is not a luxury; it is a human need and is invaluable for your health. Actually, one of the oldest forms of torture is to prevent people from sleeping. During sleep, our bodies do most of the repairing, construction, growth, detoxification, and cleansing processes. Some scientists consider sleep also a way to preserve energy. …

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