Baking Powder

Homemade Baking Powder

Most of the baking recipes will include baking powder as one of the ingredients.

It is easy to find this product in any grocery store, but here are a few reasons to make your own:

  1. Aluminum-free. It doesn't contain sodium aluminum sulfate, like most store-bought baking powders.
  2. Gluten-free. Just make sure that the package says your corn starch was produced in a gluten-free facility. Using arrowroot starch will help to avoid all forms of gluten.
  3. Free of GMOs. As long as you use GMO-Free cornstarch.

Here's how to make your own in less than a minute.


  1. 25 g of Baking Soda
  2. 15g of Citric Acid
  3. 60g of Organic Corn Starch


Mix the baking soda, Citric Acid, and Corn Starch until well combined.

Store in an air-tight container.

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