There's a BETTER WAY to Train

Going to the gym is great!

Going to the gym and executing a great training program is even better!

BUT getting spectacular results from your effort with those great training programs is simply priceless!

There is something for everyone in the Strength-Community Membership!

No matter if you just want to train every day for your own benefit, or you are a Trainer who wants to expand your knowledge, or a Coach who needs the extra advantage.

To start, my belief is that every person should be able to train correctly and safely, and that each and every person should have access to do so with great training programs.

Everyone’s goals are different, that is why I believe this Membership will help you to transform your body and mind.

The best rewards in life are the ones we work hard for



It's time to end the confusion, cut through the nonsense, and discover simple training plans and strategies that work.

Forget about all the hype and gimmicks. 

Forget about spot reduction, 2-hour long workouts, celery juices, and blood flow restriction. More non sense and ONLY gimmicks.

There are FOUR problems with most training programs out there:

- You may put on some muscle, but not nearly as much as you'd want (and with some unwanted fat)

-You train hard, but you have pains and aches that make you feel old rather than energized

-You may have decent arms but your best lifts leave much to be desired

-You starve yourself and over train, ending up feeling miserable and weak

All training programs are created with one goal in mind: producing results!

For an exercise program to work it has to be simple, yet structured and progressive. It has to fit and work with your lifestyle and level, whether that means fat loss, muscle mass gains, strength gains, or a combination of these.

Stop wasting time and effort on mediocre training programs and invest in the best training programs on the market.

Best of all, they are designed in such a way that they work like a system, meaning that the gains of your first program will lead to better gains of your second program. And the gains of your second program will bring even better gains from your third program, and so on.

This means that all programs have been carefully designed using all loading parameters in the correct order and progressions, including periodization.

You have to love what you do in the gym. Seeing results will make you love it even more.

That's what The Strength Community is all about.

The only online community that makes you strong and lean.

Say bye-bye to your puny legs, average lifts, and stubborn fat.

The Strength Community was designed specifically to help you conquer your exercise programs, once and for all. By crushing the biggest training and nutrition myths:

Myth: Calf training doesn't matter, it is all genetics.

Fact: While there is a genetic component to how far you can develop your calves, there are a number of training methods that will make you progress quite far.

Myth: You cannot get stronger on a calorie deficit.

Fact: Getting stronger is all about muscle recruitment and nervous system optimization. Getting lean first will actually help you, since fat deposits hinder proper muscle function.

Wouldn't you love to build a physique that is both impressive and functional?

Tired of shoulders and knees that ache? Want to make them stronger to the point of being bulletproof?

Tired of eating a nutritious diet but still not seeing the fat melt off?

Tired of following your existing exercise program and not getting any results?

Well Then

Imagine balancing muscle groups and structures and nearly never taking a day off due to injury or strain.

Imagine melting fat with grueling workouts that push you to your limits.

Imagine building the physique of your dreams, and having your ex's all start complimenting you on how great you look.

Think about, when faced with a challenge, not having to lean on Mr. Internet to try to make it right.


People like to think that everything is already available for free online…

However, there is no way to explain how much of the advice available, even on absolute top sources, is so wrong it should make you grit your teeth.

When you leave your training to amateurs, you leave yourself open to every offense that can happen to your body; every diminishment of your potential in the books.

In fact, you almost guarantee you will not get to the top of your game.

That's not what you want, and as it turns out, you can make sure you DON'T become another piece of road-kill on the highway to Strength & Mass:


Be part of a growing, dynamic community of top performers, that are committed to getting the best out of life and training…

So, up your Game and commit to Invest in your success today!

Just Train - $19 per month:

This package is designed for the people that want to get in better shape, by gaining lean mass and loosing body fat, therefore improving body composition. You can follow hypertrophy programs, metabolic conditioning programs, or alternate between them, depending on your goals for each month.

Train & Learn - $49 per month

This package is designed for the people that want to learn, while getting stronger and in better shape. With the addition of relative strength training programs, you will be able to increase the weights you can lift at the gym. With the hypertrophy and metabolic conditioning programs you will gain lean muscle and lose fat.

3 Month Mentorship - $750

This Mentorship will be personally tailored to you and to you only.

You will still have access to everything in the Train & Learn Package but the most important part of this Mentorship is that the training programs will be designed to your Neurotransmitter Profile and we will have 1 on 1 private consultations.

Also, if you still need more certifications under your belt, you will get a 30% discount on any courses.

Santiago Lopez

I can certainly say that my athletic career is divided in two: before, and after training with Carlos

Estevan Archuleta

Forever grateful for Carlos and looking forward to learning from him again very soon

Georges Galarregui

Ever since working with Carlos, my competitive track record has never been so good. I owe a big part of my success in the ring to Carlos and the rest is history. Thank you Carlos.

Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

I routinely consult with Carlos on my complex patients regarding the interplay of hormones, performance, weight loss, and physical training.

Greg Peterson

Carlos Castro ranks with the best by my experience doing and sponsoring seminars for over 40 years!

Christopher Rombola

My training, nutrition, and everything could not be going better; I appreciate you. I'm leaner, bigger, and am in far less pain

So what is included in each of these memberships?

Sign Up To Win!!

All sign ups will be entered to win 1 of 3 prizes.

A free class (up to $1000)

Training Software Free for 1 Year ($450)

30 Minute Consultation with Carlos ($225)


Will I be automatically billed? - Yes the payment method you sign up with will be automatically billed each month unless you cancel.

Will I be notified before recurring payments are taken? - Yes, an email will be sent before any payment is taken. An email will also be sent when payment is made and if payment is overdue.

How often will I get new content? - You will unlock new content every month on the day you signed up. For example, if you sign up on the 20th, then you will get new content each month on the 20th.

Is the content mine to keep? - Yes, all content you unlock will be yours to keep, even if you stop being a member. The only exception is the forum access. If you are not a paying member, you will not have forum access.

Can I cancel at anytime? - Yes, you can cancel at anytime by sending us an email (this may take up to 48 hours), or by logging into your account and clicking cancel.

Will my price always remain the same? - Yes, as long as you continue to be a paying member your price will never increase. If you have a lapse in membership, then you may not be able to get back into the same price.