Exploring the Dominican Republic: Insights, Fitness, and Culinary Delights

Exploring the Dominican Republic: Insights, Fitness, and Culinary Delights

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The Dominican Experience

The Dominican Republic has always been very close to my heart.

I have very good friends there with whom I enjoy and share different subjects and experiences.

The weather invites me to enjoy their fantastic atmosphere, the food is great, I have unforgettable memories from other trips there, and I got married there!

From the different places I’ve been, the Dominican Republic probably has the highest number of personal trainers per capita, and there are many personal training gyms providing excellent services to their clients.

I had the pleasure of being at 4X with Emilio Ovalles, at Human Performance with Juan Carlos Simó, and at InShape with Tony Parra this time.

And as usual, my dear Alicia Martinez took care of every detail to make every moment of my stay effortless and smooth.

Also, thanks to Alicia, I rented an apartment within walking distance of the three gyms mentioned above, which was fantastic!

Going back to the subject of food, the consumption of meat in the Dominican Republic is very high, which I love, and the quality of that meat is really good.

I always go for local beef, lamb, and goat since the use of antibiotics and hormones in cattle is rare in this country.

You can taste and feel the quality. I usually buy the meat at Carne & Co., La Placita, or The Butcher Shop, and the beef carpaccio is always part of my shopping list.

Another food I enjoy there is avocado. They are large, soft, and have a buttery consistency.

My most normal meal is red meat, avocado, and some grilled vegetables when available. It feels great in my body and keeps me with much stable energy throughout the day, which is mandatory for me when teaching.

Another food that I enjoy in the Dominican Republic is chocolate or cacao.

They grow outstanding organic cacao beans, and the brand that I always buy is Kah Kow.

I met the owners a long time ago, and the quality of their production process is superior.

My favorite product is a chocolate bar that is 100% cacao.

That bitter and robust taste after a meal always makes me happy. I also enjoy their roasted cacao nibs, which I use in case I feel hungry while teaching.

Another interesting aspect of the Dominican Republic is that people are generally strong.

I still remember when my wife was there for the first time, and we arrived at the apartment we rented.

The security guard lifted our luggage and took it upstairs, walking upstairs, like lifting something very light, like a purse. Alyona was very impressed!

When you go to the gyms I mentioned in previous paragraphs, you’ll see men and women lifting serious weights, especially when training legs, which is very odd nowadays.

Alyona was even more impressed. They love to feel and look strong. When you see big muscles there, they correlate with high levels of strength.

In the teaching field, trainers are thirsty for knowledge.

They are very driven and understand that they need to learn more to improve and progress in their careers while bringing better results to their clients.

Also, they know that the competition is very high, and the best way to distinguish themselves inside that competitive market is by investing in high-quality and results-producing education.

It has happened before, and I usually leave the country having students asking for more classes. They are already putting everything together so I can return to teaching in a few months.

The only thing I regret every time I leave the country is that I didn’t stay longer, but my wife and I are already planning a vacation there.

Thank you, Alicia; thank you, Tony; thank you, Emilio; thank you, Juan Carlos; and special thanks to all the students for making every trip to your country an unforgettable experience!

Coach Carlos Castro

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