Reading Time: 6 minutes Overtraining is considered an enemy of performance, health, and wellbeing. But is it always such a bad thing, in every single case? I want to start with a phrase that I learned from my late mentor that says “fatigue masks fitness”, and that encloses what I’m about to talk about in this article. Let’s first […]

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Linking Depression and the Gut Microbiome

Reading Time: 2 minutes Guest Blog By Designs for Sports Depression is a complex mental health disorder that affects individuals and society on a large scale. It is the second-most leading cause of disabilities globally. The economic burden of major depressive disorder (MDD) in adults in the US was $210.5 billion in 2010. There are 17.3 million adults (6.8%)

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Pre-Train Supplements

How to Prepare for a Great Training Session – Part 3

Reading Time: 5 minutes In part one I talked about The Training Program, on the part 2 I discussed about Pre-Training Food, and now it’s time to address Pre-Workout Supplements   In general, when talking about pre-training supplements, you have two main options. The supplements that are meant to increase neural drive and focus, or brain supplements, and the

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Victor Squat

The Russian Squat System

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Russian Squat System   Soviets were well known for producing impressive results on Weightlifting, and their performance at the Olympic games was absolutely outstanding. They were also well known for their devotion to strength training research with a large number of publications on different subjects, including the implementation of their training programs.   From

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