Taurine – Health Benefits and Uses In Sport Performance

Reading Time: 11 minutes People worldwide are constantly looking for and pursuing ways to improve their health, well-being, fitness, and athletic performance without resorting to drugs, steroids, and other substances. There is a significant amount of research in this area, with the majority centered on food, vitamins, herbs, and other supplements. Taurine is an essential component of this trend. […]

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Why I Love Glutamine

Reading Time: 4 minutes Glutamine is a very underrated conditionally essential amino acid, but it has an impressive host of benefits, especially in our field, that I will highlight in this article. Why I Love Glutamine   Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the blood, and our cells can actually produce it. The highest concentrations are found

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Heavy Duty Body Composition

Reading Time: 8 minutes Metabolic conditioning is all the rage right now, from Crossfit to more ancient, traditional methods of fat loss. This is nothing new, as many athletes have used different methods ranging from bodyweight exercises to exercises using kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells and other tools to improve their conditioning and body composition. The good news about this is

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