Vince Gironda

Revisiting Gironda

Reading Time: 3 minutes Vince Gironda, from the golden era of bodybuilding, was, and probably is still considered The Iron Guru. His knowledge, tricks, techniques, and innovations, primarily based on experimentation, are still applied today and will probably stay around for years to come, for a simple reason; they work! Even Arnold was trained by the Iron Guru! Some

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Case Study: Structural Assessment and Strength Balance on a Cyclist

Reading Time: 3 minutes Having statistical data is always fascinating, especially when is about showing the results and benefits of doing a proper Structural Assessment analysis, along with the right training program for that person.   This is a case study of a cyclist that was looking at improving his performance after a relatively long rest period (which acts

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Heavy Duty Body Composition

Reading Time: 8 minutes Metabolic conditioning is all the rage right now, from Crossfit to more ancient, traditional methods of fat loss. This is nothing new, as many athletes have used different methods ranging from bodyweight exercises to exercises using kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells and other tools to improve their conditioning and body composition. The good news about this is

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