Warm-Up: The Ultimate Guide

Reading Time: 6 minutes What is warm-up? Warm-up is extremely simple. Stay away from people who overcomplicate things … the typical wannabe coach will prescribe moronic routines consisting of 10 minutes of carioca drills supersetted with humping a foam roller for hours on end. This set-up is more likely to earn you a restraining order than provide any significant […]

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The Strength Deficit Formula Will Help you Decide Between

Practical Application of the Strength Deficit

Reading Time: 6 minutes Do Your Suffer from a Strength Deficit? Specific performance demand specific types of strength. They are a necessity to grow. A strength deficit can hamper your gains in muscle mass or strength. What is a strength deficit? It refers to the ratio between concentric and eccentric strength. Essentially, an eccentric contraction refers to an action

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