Can you imagine living the life of your dreams as a coach?
Have you ever dreamed of training elite athletes?
Or seeing your athletes step onto the podium and win Olympic medals?

Maybe you've wondered...
...Who is the coach behind the top-tier personalities?
...How can I learn the essential techniques I need to become the best and stand out among other coaches?
...What can I do to make the top athletes choose me as their coach?

Are you putting in every effort to have clients come directly to you, drawn by your professional prestige?


According to some surveys, people seeking a personal trainer want professional guidance, a personalized approach, constant motivation, and most importantly, notable and swift results.

In a world where time and efficiency are crucial, highly skilled professionals are greatly valued.

Your potential client wants to work with a trainer who can help them achieve changes in their physical condition and well-being quickly and effectively.

That's why a good trainer must offer a comprehensive experience and have solid and up-to-date knowledge to tailor to their client's individual needs.

With the increasing number of apps, online training platforms, books, gyms, and even other professionals competing in this fiercely competitive market, all well-prepared to meet clients' fitness needs and goals, a good personal trainer aiming for a prosperous life and comfortable financial status through their profession must realize they need to stand out from the competition by offering a personalized approach and effective results that substantiate their professional journey.

It's a real challenge to find time to keep up with new methods and trends in our industry: courses, workshops, seminars, research, books, and more.

Trainers need to establish their own plan for ongoing education, use reliable sources, attend relevant events, collaborate with peers, and remain open to adapting and continuous learning.

Knowing where and how to find relevant knowledge is crucial, so you don't waste time and can focus on delivering your full professional potential and generating income for your clients.

In conclusion, if you've ever wondered why some trainers outshine others in the industry, I'll tell you that it all boils down to one phrase: QUALITY EDUCATION.

Imagine now that you can offer your clients, whether they are athletes or not, an individualized, exclusive, and high-quality approach to training, based on effective techniques proven in international competitions.

Do you realize what this means for you?  Can you see NOW the difference?

Your value compared to your competitors would skyrocket.

It would make you stand out from them and shine in such a competitive market.

So, that means you'll get more and better clients, resulting in higher revenues.

Maybe you think this is beyond your reach, and that's why you may feel tempted not to try.

But let me tell you, most likely, you're mistaken, and I'll tell you why.

All you need is a great passion for training, solid knowledge, and an understanding of the strategies to help your clients reach their maximum potential.

I have successfully trained countless elite athletes, Olympians, and other personalities using the same techniques I teach in my classes.

I offer my knowledge to coaches who are committed to their careers and want to see positive and real results in their clients.

Strength Coach Medalist in World Championship

For many years, I worked shoulder to shoulder with the best strength coaches and I have developed my classes using the techniques I learned throughout all these years.

Currently, I have classes on strength training, anatomy, rehab, nutrition, and supplementation where I share all my knowledge and experience concisely, intensively, and without any fluff.

My classes are for trainers who want to leverage the knowledge they will receive and use the techniques they learn to benefit their clients.

Let me tell you who is currently benefiting from my training

  1. High-level coaches who want to update their knowledge in strength and instant mobility, rehabilitation, and metabolic balance.
  2. Coaches with a strong foundation in these areas who are looking to further enhance their expertise
  3. Gym owners or trainers who are well-known in the industry and can attract high-income clients.
  4. Personal coaches who are determined to become independent or have their own gym, increase their income, and differentiate themselves from the competition, without having to go through long and complicated processes.
  5. Novice trainers who want to pursue further career opportunities and understand the importance of continuous growth in knowledge and skills.

Let me paint what my classes have in store for you. 

Picture yourself in a dynamic and thrilling learning environment.
Where you achieve new knowledge and have the opportunity to apply it in real-time.
Where you can ask all the necessary questions and receive instant feedback.
Sounds great, doesn't it?
You will discover the keys and secrets to becoming a top-level coach to achieve your professional goals.
You will know how to unlock the hidden potential in your clients and athletes.

By applying my training techniques, your clients will achieve remarkable improvements in their physique and performance in a very short time.

I also want to let you know these are intensive classes in which I will share my knowledge and experience in Physical training, recovery from injuries, injury prevention, proper nutrition and supplementation, and different training methods, amongst others.

These are the classes I'll be teaching in Connecticut from October 16 - 22nd

→  INSTANT STRENGTH & MOBILITY - October 16-17th

You will discover innovative techniques to enhance the strength and flexibility of each muscle group within seconds.

I will reveal six proven techniques that will produce immediate and noticeable results for your clients, allowing them to optimize their performance.


  • The location of different points in the body enhances strength and flexibility.
  • Six different techniques can be applied to any muscle to improve strength and flexibility.
  • Why, when, and how often to apply all the different techniques
  • How to increase the speed of contraction and strength of the main muscles
  • How to restore muscle function
  • How to increase neural drive
  • How to improve muscle recruitment sequence
  • How to properly and effectively use GuaSha to relieve undue tension, scar tissue, and adhesions.
  • How to release tension from different body structures
  • How to reduce muscle friction
  • How to remove scar tissues and adhesions
  • How to decrease the risk of injuries
  • How to apply all this knowledge to rehabilitation processes
  • How to reduce pain from different structures
  • How to prevent long-term problems in the joints and other soft tissue


You'll get a toolkit of ready-to-use resources to safely and effectively help individuals recover after surgeries, injuries, or musculoskeletal conditions such as fractures, dislocations, sprains, strains, muscle tears, tendon problems including tennis elbow, golf elbow, lower back injury, tendonitis, tendinosis, neck issues, jumper knee, runner's knee, among others.

You'll have the power to address complex cases and support post-surgical recoveries.


  • Bases and Principles for effective rehab processes
  • How to use all the tools I'll give you to make any rehabilitation process safer, faster, and more effective.
  • The tests you should perform to find the cause of the problem in different joints and muscles.
  • The strength training exercises you should program to address the identified issues and their progressions.
  • What flexibility exercises to program to correct movement restrictions.
  • Identify which supplements are the most important to enhance the recovery process.

→ METABOLIC BALANCE -  October 20-22nd

You will learn the latest fat loss and long-term health techniques by developing personalized nutrition and supplementation programs based on each individual's hormonal and metabolic profile.

You will be able to transform your client's body composition and help them achieve their goals.


  • How to personalize nutrition plan
  • How to personalize supplementation plan
  • How and which hormones determine where you store your body fat
  • The most probable causes of the hormonal imbalances found in the subject
  • Different and up-to-date interventions to balance the hormonal system
  • How different supplements and lifestyle interventions have an impact on the different hormonal profiles, fat distribution, and overall health of the subject.
  • Main causes of obesity and fat accumulation
  • How to properly and accurately measure the 14 sites of the body
  • How to use the software and how to properly interpret the results of the analysis provided by the software, based on the 7 different hormonal profiles.
    • Androgens
    • Insulin
    • Thyroid
    • Cortisol
    • Estrogens
    • Growth hormone
    • Gut health
    • Detox
    • Interactions between the systems

I will explain each of the before areas in such detail that you won't believe it!

Are you ready to become an even more powerful elite trainer?
My classes are your direct ticket to reaching your goals.

Mark your calendar for:


Prentiss Hockey Performance

You can choose to pay for each class separately, or you have the option to select a complete package that includes all three classes at a discounted price.

Sign up today using the code TRAINHARD
Guarantee an exceptional gift, along with FREE access to the exclusive Anatomy class, valued at $149. Gain 4 hours of invaluable knowledge at no extra cost!

This class is an indispensable resource for designing training programs that are both safe and effective.

You're going to gain a deep understanding of how muscles, bones, and joints work and collaborate during exercise, and applying this knowledge will lead to your client achieving their best training results.

Expensive? Cheap? I don't know, you decide!
Just a heads up, the classes might be priced higher next year

If you think this is not your moment, it's okay...

Just let me tell you something that is not a secret if you don't act now, you are missing out on many opportunities to stand out from the other trainers doing the same thing as you.

Will you continue letting time pass while your competitors take the best customers?

Remember, if you've ever wondered why some trainers outshine others in the industry, I'll tell you that it all boils down to one phrase: QUALITY EDUCATION.

You only need SEVEN DAYS TO CHANGE the course of your career towards success.

Make a good decision to invest in your future and stand out from the other coaches.

Sign up today using the code TRAINHARD
Guarantee an exceptional gift, along with FREE access to the exclusive Anatomy class, valued at $149. Gain 4 hours of invaluable knowledge at no extra cost!

These training programs will be held at the Prentiss Hockey Performance | October 16-22nd

So jump in NOW and secure your improvement!

If after reading this page you still have questions, fill out the form that you will find at this link. I'll give you a day and an hour to talk.

During our meeting, I will explain how the classes I will be teaching in Connecticut from October 16th to 22nd, 2023, can perfectly align with your professional development objectives.

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