Do you have problems getting clients to choose you, without hesitation, as their trainer?

Do you have sufficient and current education that the clients look for in a professional trainer?

In short, do you capture the attention of potential clients towards your training style?

I am Carlos Castro,

A Certified Strength Coach and I am prepared to help you enhance your education as a professional.

In my classes, you will discover the most effective techniques and strategies in strength training. I will assist you in distinguishing yourself from your competition, becoming a role model, and aiding your clients in attaining the positive and tangible results they desire.

For many years, I worked shoulder to shoulder with the best strength coaches recognized worldwide, and I have developed my classes using the techniques I have learned over all these years.

I have successfully trained countless elite athletes, Olympic athletes, and other personalities using the same techniques and knowledge I teach in my classes.

In my certified classes, I share all my knowledge and experience in a clear, focused, and concise manner, enabling you to apply everything you learn in real-time.

Carlos Castro-Strenght Coach Certified

If you apply the knowledge obtained, you will be surprised by the positive results and high-performance levels your clients and athletes will achieve.

You will positively influence their lives to help them solve health problems ranging from digestion to thyroid function. You'll learn strategies to keep them motivated, preventing them from "throwing in the towel" on their fitness and health goals.

This is possible because, with my classes, you will gain comprehensive knowledge about strength training, anatomy, muscle gain, fat loss, body composition, nutrition, supplements, protocols, and lifestyle.

Additionally, by certifying with me, you benefit from the international recognition that having learned from my experience and skills offers you.


From July 13 to 21,
I will be teaching my certified classes
in Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic
so that you can discover the keys that will
make you a top-level coach.

Strength Coach Certification - Strength Community
July 13



You might work with various types of clients, so it's crucial to identify what's slowing down their progress and health.

You will know how to assess them, evaluate their body mechanics, find weak links, and have all the structural information that will allow you to make the right decisions when prescribing their programs, and work towards a balanced structure and increased strength.

With equipment in any gym worldwide, you will understand, diagnose, and address the factors hindering flexibility and strength, potentially impeding your client's progress.

July 14-15

Science of Program Design


Do you know the key to the success of a professional trainer.? "The individualization". In the Science of Program Design class, you'll learn how to design fully customized programs for athletes, executives, busy mothers, or anyone.

You will know about efficient training considering the relationships and interactions between the different load parameters, their hormonal impacts, and the needs and results that your client wants.


July 16-17

Neurotransmitter-Based Program Design


Do you want to train and produce world and Olympic champions? In this class, you will learn the method used with the athletes that I have trained and who have already reached the podium. This method will help you make a difference.

You will know how to design the training program that your clients and athletes need, with a neurotransmitter-based approach so that they adhere to their programs and reach their best possible level of strength and performance: a personalized program based on their neurotransmitter profile.  Dominances, and deficiencies.

This course has been rated by many leaders in the field of strength and conditioning as **THE GAME CHANGER**.


July 19-21



You will know how to transform your client's body composition because you will learn all the necessary to help them with long-term fat loss, maintain their energy sustainably, improve their physical and mental performance, and help them with their cardiovascular health and, strengthen their immune system.

Not only will you contribute to their general well-being, but you will also revolutionize their lifestyle with healthy eating habits because you will know how to develop a personalized nutrition and supplementation program based on each client's hormonal and metabolic profile.

Class Package
Your TOP choice to SKYROCKET your career

Invest in any of my classes, and this is MY GIFT to you

Anatomy for Trainers

Anatomy is the fundamental foundation on which a coach's career is built.
This course will transform you into the coach everyone is looking for.  The one with the answers to many questions. A go-to coach with the knowledge and strategies to help your clients achieve breakthrough results faster than ever before.

I want to tell you the story behind Anatomy for Trainers.
I could tell you that it results from years of study, training, and investment in the best courses and mentors.
I could tell you about my countless hours researching, analyzing, and testing different methods.

But the truth is that Anatomy for Trainers is much more than that.
Without this knowledge, it would be like building a house without a foundation. Without a solid foundation in anatomy, your coaching career will be unstable and vulnerable to failure.

Therefore, in this class that I am granting you, I won't just teach you the secrets of human anatomy; I'll also show you how to turn that knowledge into tangible results for you and your clients.

Anatomy for Trainers is a comprehensive and practical educational resource designed for trainers, physical therapists, fitness professionals, students, or anyone interested in learning more about the muscular system.


Are you ready to become an even more powerful elite trainer?

Here you have more details about each class:

Structural Assessment

Science of Program Design

Neurotransmitter-Based Program Design

Metabolic Balance

Anatomy for Trainers


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This is what my students think about the benefits my classes offer them:

"I traveled to Sweden to learn the art of structural assessment, neurotransmitter program design, and hormonal balance from Carlos Castro. If you have an opportunity to attend any of his seminars, I highly recommend you to do so."


“This weekend I learned more than in 3 years at the university”


"Neurotransmitter-Based Program Design was a game changer for me since I work with professional and amateur Athletes in individual and team sports, men and women, old and young."


“That was a career-changing class! My clients were able to lose as much as 16kg in 8 weeks by fixing their health”


“ are genuinely the best coach and I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from you. Whenever I use the Guasha or do the pressure points, clients always ask where I learned this from.? I always mention “the best coach in the world Carlos Castro coaches gold medal Olympic athletes.”


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