Neurotransmitter Based Program Design

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Prerequisites: Structural Assessment, Science of Program Design
Duration: 2 days
Course Instructor: Carlos Castro
Software: This class comes with six months access to the training software.


One factor that sets any coach apart, being able to produce Olympic and World Champions, is the ability to properly individualize training programs for their athletes based on their neurotransmitter profile, dominances and deficiencies.

In the class you will learn:

  • How to properly assess and interpret a neurotransmitter profile
  • How to assess neurotransmitter dominances and deficiencies
  • The main limiting factor for every profile
  • How the neurotransmitter dominance affects the choice of loading parameters
  • How and when to unload an individual
  • To determine how often the program must be varied for each individual
  • To get the best results whether your goal is relative strength, absolute strength, hypertrophy, or strength endurance
  • The right nutrition to raise specific neurotransmitters
  • The required supplementation for specific neurotransmitters
  • How to address the neurotransmitter deficiencies that might be holding you back on your goals

This course has been ranked by many leaders in the strength & conditioning field as THE GAME CHANGER. Mediocrity is the highest form of selfishness. Learn neurotransmitter based strength training and take your practice to the highest level.

Special – $895

Recertification Available ($550) – Contact for more information

Program Design Package (Structural, Science, and Neuro) Current Special – $1885


All Six Classes Package (Effective Rehab, Structural, Science, Neuro, ISM, and Metabolic Balance) Current Special – $3600


Dates and Locations

August 19-20 – Sweden, EU – Buy Now

August 17-20 – Sweden, EU – Program Design Package (Structural, Science, and Neurotransmitter – Buy Now

August 17-28 – Sweden, EU – All Six Classes Package (Effective Rehab, Structural, Science, Neurotransmitter, Instant Strength & Mobility, and Metabolic Balance) – Buy Now


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