Science of Program Design

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Prerequisites: Structural Assessment
Duration: 1 day in person, After Online Instruction
Course Instructor: Carlos Castro
Software: This class comes with three months access to the training software.

А properly designed training program will produce better results in a shorter amount of time and in a safe way.

If your client is an athlete, he/she will succeed faster in his/her career. If that person is an executive, the day-to-day life will be smoother and healthier.  Or if the client is a mom that has to deal with babies and/or kids, her body will be healthier, leaner and stronger, allowing her to feel great at all those tasks.

Designing results producing training programs requires proper planning and the precise use of the different loading parameters: sets, reps, tempo, rest intervals, and others. In this class you will learn how to write effective training programs, keeping in mind the relationships and interactions between the different loading parameters, their hormonal impacts and your client’s needs.

This class will give you fundamental knowledge to become a successful coach to produce outstanding and precise results. Doing so will improve your reputation as a personal trainer/strength coach making you an asset to your current and future clients.

In the online part of this class, you will learn detailed and specific information about the programing of:

  • Sets
  • Reps
  • Rest Intervals
  • Tempo and Time Under Tension
  • Exercises
  • Training frequency
  • Progress
  • Periodization
  • Interaction between the different loading parameters

In the in-person part of the class, your doubts about the material will be solved. One or two training programs will be designed in order illustrate in the practice, the application of the knowledge.

Also, in this part you’ll have a practical exam, and the minimum grade to pass is 80%.


Normal Price – $985

Special Price – $785

Recertification Available ($395) – Contact for more information

Program Design Package (Structural, Science, and Neuro) Normal Price- $2285

Program Design Package (Structural, Science, and Neuro) Special Price- $1885


Dates and Locations

June 10 – Europe, Prague – Science of Program Design ONLY – Buy Now

June 9-12 – Europe, Prague – Program Design Package (Structural, Science, and Neurotransmitter) – Buy Now

Iron Base
Dělnická 1506/51
170 00

March 10 – ME, Dubai – Science of Program Design ONLY – Buy Now

March 9-12 – ME, Dubai – Program Design Package (Structural, Science, and Neurotransmitter) – Buy Now

Location – TBD