Instant Strength & Mobility

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Prerequisites: Desire to learn and produce impressive results!
•Upper Body Module: 1 day
•Lower Body Module: 1 day
Course Instructor: Carlos Castro

The difference between 1st and 8th place on the 100 meters in the Olympics is 0.25 seconds which is about 2.5%. In weightlifting, the difference between gold and bronze, depending on the category is 4-5%.

In Instant Strength & Mobility class you will learn 6 different techniques that can be applied to virtually every muscle group in the body, improving FLEXIBILITY & STRENGTH by 5% – 20% in only a matter of seconds, allowing the true expression of strength.

By using these techniques before and during the training session, as it’s only a matter of seconds, your athletes/clients will experience impressive results.

You will also learn the proper use and application of GuaSha in order to relieve undue tension, scar tissue, and adhesions, that will solve and prevent injuries, pain, and long term problems in the joints, muscles, and other soft tissue structures.

In this class you will learn:
– Why, when, and how often to apply all the different techniques
– Increase speed of contraction and strength
– Restore muscle function
– Increase neural drive
– Improve muscle recruitment sequence
– Release tension from different body structures
– Reduce muscle friction
– Remove scar tissues and adhesions
– Decrease the risk of injuries
– Application on rehabilitation processes

The knowledge obtained in this class can be applied in the training of high-performance athletes, regular people, and even rehabilitation processes. Your ability to accelerate strength gains under proper mechanics and range of motion will create an outstanding positive impact on your reputation to produce results.

This class is a MUST for results-oriented trainers.


Normal Price – $1095


Current Special – $895


All Five Classes Package (Structural, Science, Neuro, ISM, and Metabolic Balance) Normal Price – $3250


All Five Classes Package (Structural, Science, Neuro, ISM, and Metabolic Balance) Current Special – $2995


Dates and Locations

November 10-11 – Santo Domingo, DR – Buy Now

November 5-14 – Santo Domingo, DR – All Five Classes Package (Structural, Science, Neurotransmitter, Instant Strength & Mobility, and Metabolic Balance) – Buy Now

Human Performance Center
Av. Abraham Lincoln 962
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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