Metabolic Balance

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Prerequisites: The desire to learn and produce outstanding results
Duration: 3 days
Course Instructor: Carlos Castro

The conception of fat spot reduction was considered a myth, but what if it’s possible?

It is well established in the scientific literature and clinical experience that hormones determine where people store body fat, and by understanding how the hormones are behaving you can introduce the right interventions and supplements to correct that faulty hormonal behavior and obtain the desired fat loss you or your clients are looking for.

The Metabolic Balance System is the latest innovation in improving body composition rapidly, effectively, and safely. Based on the caliper measurement of 14 sites of the whole body you’ll get a comprehensive metabolic profile. According to these measurements the Metabolic Balance software will give you the exact protocol to address the present hormonal imbalance.

This course includes the Metabolic Balance Software for one year. You will also receive wholesale accounts to the best supplement manufacturers available.

In this cutting edge 3-day seminar you will learn:
• How to properly and accurately measure the 14 sites of the body.
• How to use the software and how to properly interpret the results of the analysis provided by the software, based on the 7 different hormonal profiles.
• The most probable causes of the hormonal imbalances found in the subject.
• Different and up to date interventions to balance the hormonal system.
• How the different supplements have an impact on the different hormonal profiles and overall health of the subject.
• How to correct the causes for the hormonal imbalances found.
• Lifestyle interventions that support healthy hormones and therefore a healthy individual.
• Strategies for the successful implementation of the interventions and client compliance.

*** Participants have to bring their own calipers. The only ones recommended are John Bull or Harpenden


Special Price – $947

Recertification Available ($497) – Contact for more information

All Six Classes Package (Effective Rehab, Structural, Science, Neuro, ISM, and Metabolic Balance) Current Special – $3600


Dates and Locations

August 26-28 – Sweden, EU – Buy Now

August 17-28 – Sweden, EU – All Six Classes Package (Effective Rehab, Structural, Science, Neurotransmitter, Instant Strength & Mobility, and Metabolic Balance) – Buy Now


Eleiko Sports Center

Klastorpsvägen 18