Metabolic Balance


Prerequisites: None
Duration: 3 days
Course Instructor: Carlos Castro

The Metabolic Balance System is the latest innovation in improving body composition rapidly, effectively and safely.

Throughout this class, you will learn how to understand how fat gain results from mismanagement of one of these physiological systems:

This course includes the Metabolic Balance Software for one year. You will also receive wholesale accounts to the best supplement manufacturers available.


The advanced features offered by the Metabolic Balance System include:

The ability to integrate lower body fat scores into a valid formula that accurately measures overall body fat. It is recognized as the best application to do so in the industry.
Fully designed and regularly updated protocols.
Fourteen sites have been included to identify the cause of fat gain more accurately.
A measure of the efficiency of one’s androgen physiology.
Levels of hormones that became toxic.
How well are your hormones allowing you to recover.
A non-invasive measure of inflammation levels in the body.
An algorithm that allows the practitioner to identify the system most responsible for fat gain.

In this cutting edge 3-day seminar you will learn:

How to properly identify and measure every one of the 14 sites of the System. This accuracy will allow you to give the best protocol to your clients.
To identify which of the 6 physiological systems is most disrupted. There can only be ONE priority. Find out which one and target your program accurately for rapid results.
How to correct each hormonal system through lifestyle, diet, and supplementation.
Business strategies for client management for optimized results and profitable gains.

Course Prerequisites

There are no course pre-requisites required to register for the Metabolic Balance course other than a high level of interest in the subject and a motivation to learn.

We have students from all backgrounds and from all over the world ranging from personal trainers, medical doctors, bodybuilding competitors, financial traders, athletes, coaches, dancers, and anyone interested in maintaining optimum health for their family.

*** Participants have to bring their own calipers. The only ones recommended are John Bull or Harpenden


Price – $1147

Strength Community Member Price – $1047 – Contact for this pricing

Recertification Available ($497) – Contact for more information


Dates and Locations

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TBD – Europe, Prague – Buy Now

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