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High-Intensity Interval Training

HITT is a powerful tool for coaches, trainers, and trainees when prescribed correctly.


Taurine – Health Benefits and Uses In Sport Performance

People worldwide are constantly looking for and pursuing ways to improve their health, well-being, fitness, and athletic performance without resorting to drugs, steroids, and other substances. There is a significant amount of research in this area, with the majority centered on food, vitamins, herbs, and other supplements. Taurine is an ...
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Collagen Peptides Effect on Skeletal Muscle Signaling Post-Exercise

Guest Blog by Designs for Sport Collagen Peptides Effect on Skeletal Muscle Signaling Post-Exercise Collagen consists of 30% of the total protein in the human body. Collagen is essential for the extracellular matrix of muscles and tendons, and muscle force transmission, flexibility, and adaptability. Collagen peptides have a unique amino ...
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Larry Scott

Increase the Size of Your Forearms

After the amazing feedback on the Calves Growth Training article, and an important amount of readers asking for a similar article on forearms, here you have a sure way to make your forearms grow. I’m not going to give a detailed anatomical explanation of the muscles of the forearm because ...
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Cellular Senescence and Adrenal Health

Guest blog by Designs for Sport What are Cellular Senescence and Adrenal Health? Cellular senescence refers to a process in which certain cells, after becoming stressed or damaged, undergo a series of harmful changes. Cells may become senescent as a result of many variabilities, including misfolded proteins, DNA damage, replicative ...
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The importance of Glycine

Glycine the smallest amino acid, is also non-essential, and as in the case of glutamine, there are situations that increase the body’s need for this amino acid and those include acute emotional or physiological stress, recovering from physical trauma, and hyperglycemia.   In a previous article, I wrote Why I ...
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Trace Elements to Support Healthy Glucose Metabolism

Guest blog by Designs for Sport Trace elements, such as zinc, chromium, and manganese, are critical to many processes within the human body. They can act as cofactors for enzymatic reactions, assist in cell signaling, help stabilize cellular structures and more. Trace elements also play an important role in healthy ...
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Invest in yourself

Invest in Yourself

As strength coaches or personal trainers, we are normally givers, and in many cases, it becomes challenging to receive. As in any aspect of life, there must be a balance, and a good way to do it is to invest in yourself.   By investing in yourself I’m not talking ...
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Protein Powder

Effects of High Protein Intake on Aging, Metabolic Health, and Weight

Guest blog by Designs for Sports An adequate amount of dietary protein is necessary for the body to function properly and maintain cellular health. Protein is the major functional and structural component of every human cell. Dietary proteins are comprised of individual amino acids that act as building blocks and ...
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Why I Love Glutamine

Glutamine is a very underrated conditionally essential amino acid, but it has an impressive host of benefits, especially in our field, that I will highlight in this article. Why I Love Glutamine   Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the blood, and our cells can actually produce it. ...
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L-Carnitine for Energy Production and Beyond

L-Carnitine for Energy Production and Beyond

L-carnitine L-carnitine is an amino acid derivative found in most tissues in the human body. It is considered a conditionally essential nutrient in situations where intracellular levels are low. This can be due to certain genetic conditions, mitochondrial dysfunction, diabetes, the aging process, and high-intensity exercise. The carnitine shuttle is ...
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Calves 3

Calves Growth Training

In this article, you will learn one of the most effective ways to give your calves noticeable growth through a specific training program.   Before getting into the program, a brief anatomy description of the calves is provided, including information about the soleus and gastrocnemius muscles. The training program is ...
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Efficacy of Creatine Supplementation on Power Output

Guest blog by Designs for Sport Creatine is an amino acid synthesized in the body and obtained through dietary sources. It plays a key role in cellular energy production. In research, creatine has been shown to support athletic performance and muscular health. Recent studies indicate it may also support the ...
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Get Your Sleep Right – The Effects of Lack of Sleep

Sleep is not a luxury; it is a human necessity and invaluable to one's health. In fact, one of the oldest forms of torture is to prevent people from sleeping. During sleep, our bodies perform most of the processes of repair, construction, growth, detoxification, and cleaning. Some scientists believe that ...
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Protein Powder

Fuel Exercise Properly

Guest blog by Designs for Sport How Whey Protein Can Improve Athletic Performance and Promote Muscle Recovery Exercise and regular physical activity are the primary means of enhancing physical fitness, which plays a critical role in overall health and wellness. However, exercise alone is not sufficient to yield the positive ...
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Front Squat with Chains

Variable Resistance Training

The concept of varying the resistance during repetition is not new and you can even evidence it in old pictures of the iron game, where you can see chains as a means of resistance. Nowadays new tools have been developed, but the concept is still the same.   The Concept ...
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Botanicals To Support Healthy Gut Flora

Guest blog by Designs for Spot Gut flora refers to the gastrointestinal (GI) microbiome, which has been shown to support neurological health, gastrointestinal function, a healthy response to inflammation, and many other aspects of human health. Recent research has shown that certain botanicals may support a healthy gut microbiome. Berberine ...
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Correcting Abnormal Blood Lipid Levels - Nutrition, Supplements, and Lifestyle

Cholesterol – What to Do

In part 1 of this article, I discussed the importance of proper evaluation and diagnosis of cholesterol issues and explored the main causes of dyslipidemia. In part 2, we will delve into effective strategies for correcting abnormal levels of blood lipids.   Nutrition and Dyslipidemia I also mentioned that for ...
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Organ meats on a cutting board

Exploring the Nutrient Density of Organ Meats

The consumption of a nutrient-dense diet ensures that the body receives essential vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and beneficial compounds it needs for optimal functioning. Unfortunately, Western-style diets, primarily composed of energy-dense, ultra-processed foods, often lack vital nutrients and are associated with chronic health conditions. However, by incorporating organ meats into a ...
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Cholesterol and heart health

Cholesterol – What You Need to Know

Understanding Cholesterol: Debunking Myths and Clarifying the Facts   Cholesterol has been demonized as a human killer and the lab results are capable of creating panic in a large percentage of the population, including medical doctors. But should that be the case?   I’d like to start by saying that ...
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Creatine supplementation for sports performance

Creatine – Benefits Beyond Exercise

Guest blog by Designs for Sport Creatine is among the most popular ergogenic aids for sports and exercise. As a nitrogenous organic compound, 95 percent of which is stored in the muscle, it is proposed that large doses of creatine can enhance athletic performance by delaying muscle fatigue, particularly during ...
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Re-feed meal

Re-Feed Meal

There is a considerable debate around this concept, and it not only goes about what should be included but also about the name itself.   Let's start with the name. In many circles, the given name is "cheat meal" and all the possible associations to "cheat", which I'm totally against ...
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