Anatomy for Trainers

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Prerequisites: None
Duration: Online, Self Paced

Most of you know that on leg day, you train the quadriceps and hamstrings. On bench day, you train the pectorals and the triceps. And on arm day, you train the biceps and triceps.

After that, it gets complicated.

Is the rotator cuff needed for internal or external rotation?

Do you know what the tibialis anterior is?

Does strengthening the forearm make sense to increase the strength of the biceps?

Proper knowledge of anatomy is crucial if you are serious about your lifting and coaching career.

It will help you identify which muscles are being worked and which ones are not, which muscles can help you blast through a plateau, and why working a muscle on one end of the posterior chain can have dramatic effect at the other end of the chain.

In this essential course, you will learn:

– The origin and insertion of the main muscles you work in the gym

– The innervation of these muscles

– The group of exercises that work best for each muscle group

– How to put more stress on one muscle in order to focus on its strength and hypertrophy gains

– The functional relationship of each muscle in relation to the adjoining ones

– All the functions and movements produced by a muscle at a given joint


This online class will give you the knowledge you need to further your understanding of the human body and how it works in the gym

At the end of the class, you will have functional knowledge of the main muscle groups, their locations in the body, their functions, and how they can be trained properly for you and your clients.

You will receive a certificate upon completion of the course.


Course Prerequisites

There are no course pre-requisites required to register for this course other than a high level of interest in the subject and a motivation to learn.

We have students from all backgrounds and from all over the world ranging from personal trainers, medical doctors, bodybuilding competitors, financial traders, athletes, coaches, dancers, and anyone interested in maintaining optimum health for their family.


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