Speed Development for Sports


Prerequisites: None
Duration: 2 days
Course Instructor: Ian Danney


The biggest lie that you have been taught, and that is holding your athletes back, is that speed CANNOT be taught!

First and foremost, this seminar will clearly show you the truth, and make a mindset shift that will forever change how you develop speed in your athletes.

Some of the things you will Learn:
– Why acceleration, NOT max velocity, is the key to your sports performance
– How to take an effective inventory of your athletes speed skill set
– How to use the FATO (Force-Angle-Time-Optimization) principle to guide your programming
– Understand the relationship between acceleration, deceleration, change of direction, re-acceleration and vertical switching
– Why nothing is about maximal and everything is about optimal
– Flexibility does NOT equal mobility. Learn the keys to optimize moment patterns for speed development
– Neurological patterning to increase speed
– How to individualize your athlete’s warm-ups to maximize priming and injury prevention
– Why using a speed latter is the worst thing you are doing for your athletes
– How to determine the best KPI’s for a specific athlete
– Why bucking the current trend of increasing the volume of running in the off-season is your key to producing amazing results
– Proper testing to determine muscle strength limitations for acceleration development
– Preventing and rehabbing hamstring injuries

The seminar will be a mix of theoretical, technical, and practical elements. Students will spend time in the class room, on the field, and in the gym.

About Ian Danney

Ian Danney

Ian Danney is known as an expert in speed and acceleration development for sports. He has worked with over 400 athletes from the NFL, NHL, MLB, and NBA to develop their game speed, and has produced all-stars and all pros in every league. He has also trained Olympians and Elite armature athletes, and is the owner of Performance Enhancement Professionals. PEP is an all encompassing training facility located in Scottsdale, AZ that integrates training, performance therapy, nutrition, and supplementation into a seamless program under one roof. Danney, an accomplished speed athlete in his own right was also an Olympic Bobsledder.

He has a teaching style that cuts directly to the point and provides clear cues that allow coaches to meet athletes where they are in terms of skill, capability, and commitment. Several S&C giants have referred to him as the “go to” guy on speed development.

Course Prerequisites

There are no course pre-requisites required to register for this course other than a high level of interest in the subject and a motivation to learn.

Price – $1095

Strength Community Member Price – $995 – Contact info@strength-community.com for this pricing

Dates and Locations

TBD – USA, Arizona – Buy Now

Performance Enhancement Professionals (PEP)
9495 E San Salvador Dr.
Scottsdale, AZ 85258

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